Ecolastic EPDM

Ecolastic EPDM Sports Granules

Ecolastic EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) sports granules are designed for for softness, resilience and durabilty. This product has been tested and found suitable for use with a wide range of MDI prepolymers or binders for the installation of wet pour safety surfacing and jogging tracks. It is also compatible with polyurethane coatings and carboxylated SBR latex from different suppliers worldwide for the installation of synthetic running track surfacing. We can supply two types of Ecolastic EPDM granules for the sports and recreational markets, Ecolastic SR 5560 and Ecolastic SR 6065.

Ecolastic EPDM Granules SR 5560

Ecolastic EPDM sports granules SR 5560 is our standard product tested under several ASTM methods namely ASTM G154 and exposed to 1000 UV hours where it has proven its resilience to both outdoor weathering and UV exposure. It is a competitively priced product for the installation of wet pour safety surfacing, jogging tracks and economical IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) tracks. Most Asian systems are in favour of this grade because of its competitive price.

Ecolastic EPDM Granules SR 6065

The Ecolastic EPDM SR 6065 range is specifically designed for high durability. It is suitable for running track applications and materials are tested and endorsed by IAAF and OFI (Austrian Research Institute) when used as part of a system. It is suitable for highly competitive IAAF PU tracks and synthetic tracks. This grade is used mainly by European system houses.

Sizes Available: 1-4mm, 1-3mm, 0.5-1.5mm*, Powder*

Packaging: 25kg sacks

*Limited availability


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