Wet Pour – FAQs

Wet Pour – FAQs

http://greenhouse-media.com/pma For what applications can EPDM wet pour be used?

Wet pour is most often used in children’s playgrounds as a safety surface due to it’s durability, low maintenance and it’s shock absorbing properties. It is also available in a variety of colours, which can be laid in any number of combinations and patterns resulting in an extremely stimulating playground experience.

Many of the characteristics which make wet pour popular for playground surfacing also make it an ideal choice for sport surfaces such as running tracks, tennis courts and loose laid as soccer infill.

Wet pour is also ideal for use in areas where porous anti-slip measures are needed such as pool surrounds and shower rooms. Furthermore, many architects are now taking advantage of the versatility of EPDM granules and are incorporating them into their residential building projects and landscaping designs.

whacking Is the surface porous?

Yes, as mentioned previously the porous nature makes EPDM wet pour the perfect surface where water may otherwise be a problem. It is often used in water parks and around swimming pools. It is important that the sub-base is prepared in the correct way and that the surface is kept free of dirt and moss, but a properly maintained surface should not have a problem with standing water.

http://livelifepursuehappy.com/w.youtube.com/embed/_jdF-enFthI Does the colour wear/rub off after a while?

No, EPDM is not a colour coated granule like you may find with certain rubber/safety tiles. The colour is present throughout the granule and will not wear away. Fading may occur over time with exposure to UV/sunlight, however, this is dependent on a number of factors and is not the same as a wearing effect.

Bang Bo District What should I use as a sub-base?

It is recommend that concrete or asphalt are used as a sub-base but well compacted hardcore can and is frequently used. When using a non-porous sub-base such as concrete it is important to ensure that drainage channels are included to ensure that the surface will be free of standing water. Even when using compacted hardcore it is still vital to check there is adequate drainage on the site.

There are also more innovative porous sub-base solutions now available and most of these will be suitable for use with a wet pour surface, the cost implications of using these systems however, may restrict their use.

How do I maintain the surface?

Wet pour surfaces are low maintenance but it is critical that a routine maintenance schedule is adhered to, ensuring the surface remains free of dirt and moss which can reduce it’s porosity and it’s slip resistance. Any damage to the surface must be repaired in a correct and timely fashion, to guard against any further deterioration.

Please find the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations attached. Surface Maintenance Guide

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